Monday, March 7, 2011

COLD WARS 2011! Here we come.

If you are going to Cold Wars and want to play in Tom Garnett's WFR Bassano game on Friday night at 6pm in the Distelfink room let me know? I have attached pictures of the battlefield which just looks amazing. Tom runs a great game using the Carnage & Glory rule system. A few people have already committed and there is room for a couple more.

28mm Russian Infantry 1799

Rob Walter from EUREKA Miniatures, U.S.A. states;

I have received about 60% of the Fr. Legere. For those that have already sent me your orders I have pulled the figures you requested that have arrived. The problem is I have not been able to complete any of the orders as the figures I have received have only been from series one & two. Codes WFR80-88 and the mounted figures have not arrived. I expect the rest of the Legere to be here in the next two weeks. If you make it to Cold Wars I will have some of those available  for sale.

I also have attached a new pdf from Eureka describing Suvarov's Russian army from 1799. I think John Chadderton (Eureka Australia) has done a great job on this pdf. rivaling the one he did for the Cossacks. Expect more of these as we progress in the range. 
Eureka Miniatures USA

FALL IN 2010


As usual I'll post AAR's of all my games and rules sets played at the convention and will sneak some pictures of the French Legere and post here this weekend! See you there;