Monday, March 28, 2011

The most innovative Napoleonic game I’ve ever seen!

St. Lucia 1807

A Battle Report by Joe Dever

This is a fictitious Napoleonic action between British and French forces, set on the Caribbean island of St. Lucia in the year 1807.

035: Castries – viewed from the east. The French fleet is less than two miles distant.

I’ve got to say,  this recent posting on the Wargames Society forum depicts one of the nicest innovative Napoleonic games I’ve ever seen!  You can see the many photos of this fascinating game that Joe Dever has posted here:

This game epitomizes how some prefer to see Napoleonic wargaming: small actions; lots of color; fantasy and fun; beautiful and exotic scenery; a storyline; silly names; odd little units; plenty of goings on, and the merging of both land-based and sea-going action.

Some gamers preferences are different from what many (maybe most) other Napoleonic fans prefer, who tend to go for larger, more realistic and tidier games. But, as they say, vive la différence!

Anyway, congratulations to Joe Dever and his mates for posting these pictures of their inspiring game onto the Wargames Society forum.