Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Bassano 1796, AAR #2

Date8 September 1796
LocationBassano, Venetia, present-day Italy
ResultFrench victory

France First French RepublicHabsburg Monarchy Habsburg Austria
Commanders and leaders
Napoleon BonaparteDagobert von Wurmser
Casualties and losses
400 killed, wounded or missing600 killed or wounded,
2,000-4,000 captured,
30 cannons, 8 standards,
200 vehicles

    The church of San Giovanni on the outskirts of Bassano, Bonaparte's headquarters during the battle.
    The participants look over the scenario & terrain (Initial deployments)
     (Initial deployments) The Austrians rear (Units were supposed to exit here)
    Note the Town (L) & stronghold to the (R) initially held by the Austrians
    The GM (Tom G) and the French consult prior to action
    A view from the French perspective (More troops but less maneuver room)
    The GM walks softly, but carries a big stick (Points out the critical vineyards)
    The Austrian Left Flank forces (My enemy)!
    The Austrians devise their planned defensive strategy
    The French listen and prepare their offensive strategy (Note the river running directly down the center of the board)