Sunday, March 20, 2011

Bassano 1796, AAR #4

Austrian artillery comes up in support as more Austrians try to reinforce & hold Bassano

Some Austrians move into Bassano others come up to reinforce the Left Flank forces

Close up!

My forces and reinforcements press the attack. The Master plan is to take out the vineyards to allow a flank attack on Bassano

The Cavalry charges the guns, as units enter the woods to flush out the Jagers and cross the river to support the Left Flank and threaten Austrian reinforcements!
My forces successfully cross the river and reinforcements start to threaten the Austrian Center built up area (BUA).

Close up of the river action!

The Austrian Center reinforcements get nervous and react

The cavalry goes in and fails, but distracts the Austrians long enough for engineers to start clearing vines

The Austrian Left gets nervous after the cavalry charge and reacts with light infantry & cavalry

Close up!
The Austrian infantry retreats while the cavalry comes out of Bassano
The French Left Flank engages and sucessfully bypasses the BUA in the Center