Monday, March 28, 2011

Bassano 1796, AAR #5

Here's the latest pictures & update from the Bassano game. Enjoy!

A close up of my main objective

A closer view of the unsuccessful cavalry charge

The cavalry retreats, but they delayed just long enough

The Infantry then goes in. Notice the first set of hedgerows were sucessfully removed by the engineers

A closer view with Horse Artillery support

The Austrians prepare defensive positions around Bassano
A view of the Austrian BUA in the center being bypassed by the Left Flank and assaulted as well

The Infantry assault is successful as hedgerows disappear

The enemy adds in more troops
My troops across the river are charged and form square

The Left Flank finally breaks through and is on to Bassano

The BUA in the center is attacked vigorously

A flank attack is conducted on the BUA as well

More hedgerows are destroyed along with enemy units

The Austrians move back and regroup

The BUA is starting to fall
The Center holds as the Left Flank advances "En Avant"!