Sunday, November 6, 2011

Project Hougoumont on Facebook!


     Wanted you to know there's been some pretty lively debate and Waterloo information being passed on the New "Project Hougoumont" FACEBOOK page. Please join and help to support this tremendously valuable effort!

This series of prints was done in 1816!

And these were done 100 years later

You too can help! Every contribution no matter how small can help make a difference. To help please go to;

Chosen Men Fund Raising Registration

This registration form once completed will place you on the register of Chosen Men (or Women) who have agreed to raise £100 each year from 2010 to 2015 for the restoration of Hougoumont on the field of Waterloo and the erection of a Monument to the British soldiers who fought at the great battle of 1815.

Completion of the task will entitle you to have a half page entry in the 'Roll of Honour', which will be located at Hougoumont and will be visible page by page via an electronic version located with the written books. You will, therefore, be associated with Waterloo, the restoration of the farm buildings and the erection of the monument for evermore.

You are not legally obligated to raise the £100 each year, but if you do then you shall be entered into the Roll of Honour. If you prefer to make a smaller donation, you may name a Chosen Man who you are supporting.

The information below shall be kept safe and shall not be used for any other purpose than communication with the Chosen Men group of supporters. The information is subject to the Data Protection Act, which protects you from abuse of data provided.

Thank you for taking part in this historic scheme and for becoming part of the ongoing history of the Battle of Waterloo.