Thursday, November 17, 2011

Keith Rocco Napoleon's First Italian Campaign

  Dear Patrons and Friends,

         I invite you to visit my website,
and view the latest addition,
“Napoleon’s First Italian Campaign”

          I have completed a 55 painting series for this new project, a book currently under production which will cover this epic campaign of 1796-97, and have made a large number of the original oils created for this book available for purchase.

          On the ‘Home Page’, click the gold button at the right titled, “Napoleon’s 1st Italian Campaign”.

           Once you are on the page you will encounter an exciting new video which showcases many of the new paintings in dramatic style.

           Hear the soldiers marching, the rattle of gunfire, and experience the campaign of 1796-97 as you follow the army of a young general through Italy. Then scroll down the page to see the available paintings.

          The book, “Napoleon’s First Italian Campaign”, will be available in late summer of 2012.

          Please watch your email for further announcements regarding this project, and as always, please browse the website for the latest information on future events and releases.

Best wishes,
Keith Rocco

SPECIAL NOTE: We are down to the last few copies of “On Campaign in the Age of Napoleon”, a thoughtful gift for the collector. Please visit my website for availability and to reserve your copy today.
Chers Patrons et Amis,
Je vous invite a visiter mon site web
 pour voir la derniere addition
“La Premiere Campagne d’Italie de Napoleon”.
J’ai complete une serie de 55 tableaux pour ce nouveau projet; un livre sous production qui couvrira cette campagne epique de 1796-97, et j’ai fait un grand nombre de toiles originales faites pour la vente de ce livre.
Sur le “Home Page” cliquez sur le bouton d’or a droite intitule, “Napoleon’s 1st Italian Campaign”.
Vous trouverez un video qui montre la campagne et dessous, une grande selection des peintures du livre.
Editions Quatour a déjà realisee un livre avec ces peintures en francais.
Le livre en anglais sera disponible tard en ete de 2012.
Avec toutes mes amities,
Keith Rocco