Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Project Hougoumont FACEBOOK page!

Yes come join the debate and meet other...
Stephen Summerfield5:08am Nov 8
Yes come join the debate and meet other interested enthusiasts. Some very interesting discussions.

1. The mythe of the Trotter Pack
2. Gun safety and the use of aluminium in re-enactments
3. Incomprehensive reasons for not taking La Haye Saint.
4. Fantastic pictures of the Barry van Danzig's model of Waterloo that was featured in Wargames Illustrated
5. Pictures of uniforms especially British Guards and Netherlands.
6. Pictures of the appalling state of Hougoumont that if nothing is done will be a pile of rubble.

These are just a few lively discussions over the last few days. Make your say by joining.

Yes there is a serious point to bring people together to save Hougoumont. Please pass these sentiments to other boards and friends.