Saturday, April 9, 2011

TooFatLardies Sharp Practice videos!

TFL thanks for the link. I've watched these videos and they've answered almost
all of my questions from the rulebook.

Winner of the TMP "Best Historical Wargame for 2008" Award, Sharp Practice is a set of rules for wargaming the actions of literary heroes, with swashbuckling advantures in the black powder age. It allows the gamer to fight large scale skirmishes between 30 and 120 figrues per side.

SP was designed primarily for the Napoleonic period but can be used for other campaigns, with rules for North American indians, colonial types, small boat actions and cutting out parties, as well as a section on Napoleonic drill on the wargames table.

Designed with a figure to man scale of 1:1 in mind and forces of less than half a company but will work well for small actions with larger forces if a diferent figure is used & the Big men (leaders) are of higher rank. Examples exist of it being used for actions involving several battalions or squadrons.