Saturday, April 9, 2011

TooFatLardies release "A la Bäionette"!

A la Bäionette provides twenty-one historical scenarios for Napoleonic gamers based covering the entire period of the wars of Napoleon, from 1796 to 1815.

Each scenario comes with historical background, briefings for both sides along with victory conditions, a map of the tabletop and a full order or battle based on extensive historical research.

The emphasis is on providing playable enjoyable games that suit your situation, so the scenarios are broken down in to three types. The majority are suitable for an evening at the club where you want to complete play in two or three hours.

The second group is scenarios for four or five hours and the last, smaller group, is for scenarios that could be played over an entire day.

Naturally we reccomend these for use with Le Feu Sacre, our Corps level rules, however we do provide notes on converting the scenarios for other rule systems.

The following scenarios are included:

Caldiero, 1796
Trebbia Parts One and Two, 1799
Hohenlinden, 1800
Austerlitz, 1805
Sokolnitz, 1805
Anklappen, 1807
Medina de Rioseco, 1808
Teugen-Hausen, 1809
Abensburg, 1809
Maria, 1809
Anderklaa, 1809
Znaim, 1809
Salamanca, 1812
Utitsa, 1812
Castalla, 1813
Eisdorf, 1813
Hagelburg, 1813
Mockern, 1813
St Pierre, 1813
Plancenoit, 1815

This supplement totals 123 pages and is specifically designed for pdf format to allow you to print out the individual briefings and get playing.\

A la Bäionette is the supplement for;

Le Feu Sacre covers Divisional and Corps level actions in the Napoleonic era, from 1792 to 1815, with the basic manoeuvre element a battalion and the smallest command level is Brigade.  The rules have been developed over many years to give a truly representative view of the warfare of the period, with the gamer placed in the position of a Corps or Army commander. 

Ideally played with figures from 6mm to 15mm, Le Feu Sacre focus on the importance of command and control on the battlefield combined with the impact of what Clausewitz calls battlefield friction.  The result is a set of rules that is fast and enjoyable to play, but also captures to true feel of the period.