Sunday, April 3, 2011

Bassano 1796, AAR #6 Conclusion!

This game was one of the finest games I've played in in quite a while! All the participants took their tasks seriously and attempted with the utmost vigor to carry them out thoroughly. 

I can't say enough about the fine EUREKA "French Revolutionary War" range and the excellent "CARNAGE & GLORY II" rules system. See my glowing tribute on TMP here;

The Left Flank advances

The enemy tries at all costs to defend Bassano

My troops advance as well

A view from the enemy perspective

Another view as the French advance on all fronts

I've virtually removed all hedges and continue the assault

My opponent attempts to hold out

Several enemy forces flee

Some hide behind a stone wall

The CENTRAL BUA finally falls

The battle continues as both sides grow weary

The Austrians survey they're options

Bassano the "Main Objective" still holds

The Austrians are starting to crumble under the French numbers

Starting to bring more pressure to bear

A view at ENDEX

Although the French forces did well time expires and it remains a Phyrric victory as the Austrians remain in control of Bassano. No Austrian troops remembered to exit the Map! A GREAT game and fun was had by all!