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Shako II / Battle of Halle 1806 / Williamsburg Muster 2011 / 04/Feb/2011 AAR#3

On Friday February 4th I attended the Williamsburg Muster 2011 for the first time. Although the Old Dominion Military Society (ODMS) has been putting this on for a few years now. This was the first time I was able to attend!

The Old Dominion Military Society (ODMS) is a loosely knit club of wargamers that have been gaming together for several decades. Ever since the late 1980s we have met, weekly, on Thursday nights to play games, discuss the hobby, and share information concerning miniatures, rulesets, history, and figure painting.

Starting in 2009, they put together &  hosted their very first Historical 
Miniatures Wargaming Convention, calling it the Williamsburg Muster.

2011 Muster Flyer

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Battle of Halle 1806

Battle of Halle
Part of the War of the Fourth Coalition
Marktplatz Halle 2010.jpg
Fighting occurred in the Halle marketplace.
Date17 October 1806
LocationHalle, Saxony-AnhaltGermany
ResultFrench victory
France First French EmpireKingdom of Prussia Prussia
Commanders and leaders
France Marshal BernadotteKingdom of Prussia Duke of Württemberg
20,594, 34 guns16,000, 58 guns
Casualties and losses
8005,000, 11 guns

Club or Affiliation: MAPHOGS

Short Description: Shako refight of the Battle of Halle.

Long Description: The battle of Halle was fought on October 17, 1806 between the Duke of Wurttemberg's Reserve Corps and mainly Dupont's Division under Bernadotte. More details on the game, coming later.

Scale: 15mm

Rules: Shako II

Historical Note:

The battle of Halle was fought on October 17, 1806 between the Duke of Wurttemberg's Reserve Corps and mainly Dupont's Division under Bernadotte. With only part of his Division, Dupont fought his way over three bridges and took Halle in about an hour.

Once reinforcements arrived Dupont attacked out of the city and flanked the Prussian cavalry. The Prussians broke and the rest of the army withdrew in different directions.

Briefings and Orders of Battle:

General Reserve Corps Commander: GL Eugen-Friedrich-Heinrich, Herzog von Wurttemberg-Stuttgart : It is October 17, 1806 and three days ago you were ordered to hold at Halle and join the main army as it marched passed you. Now aware of the disasters of Jena and Auerstadt yesterday you ordered your detachments to rejoin you. They have all returned except for Treskow's force at Eisleben. Your scouts have informed you that a French Corps under Marshal Bernadotte is at Querfurt.

You expect the French will only probe your position today but just in case a full assault is made you have deployed your main force for battle on the plain south east of Halle and sent your baggage train to Dessau. General Hinrichs is commanding the forward positions placing the Dragoons at Passendorf, the Hussars to the south opposite Bolberg, the Fusiliers at the first bridge outside the city, Borell on the island side with the Reserve Horse Battery, and Knorr within the city.

At 8:00am you receive a report that your Dragoons at Passendorf were attacked by French light cavalry and driven back into the city. It's now 10:00am.

For a detailed Prussian Order of Battle click HERE.

Commander I Corps : Maréchal Jean Baptiste Bernadotte : It is October 17, 1806 and you have been ordered to attack Halle and destroy the Duke of Wurtemberg's Reserve force of fresh troops if they are still there. You departed Querfurt at 2:00am and left Drouet's Division there to protect your flank and rear as a Prussian column had been discovered moving on your left towards Halle.

At 7:00am as your force approached Passendorf, Tilly reports Prussian Dragoons are holding it. You ordered him to clear Passendorf which he did successfully. It is now 10:00am and you have ordered Dupont to take the 32nd Ligne, the first battalion of the 9th Legere, and one battery and attack Halle while you hold the rest of the troops at Passendorf.

Order of March - Tilly and Dupont present, Raffiniere presently in sight, Drouet and Reserve holding at Querfurt five hours away.

For a detailed French Order of Battle click HERE.

Halle Map :
Battalion scale : 1"= 50 yards; Tabletop: 9 by 5 feet.

Halle : 17 October 1806 Map: Click for full map image

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After Action Report: