Friday, February 11, 2011

Age of Eagles / Battle of Moeckern 1813 / Army of Central Maryland 09/Jan/2011 AAR#1

The Age of Eagles the Napoleonic Wars in Miniature Based on Fire & Fury

AOE Scenario Book

On January 9th I joined the club (AOCM) Army of Central Maryland Wargaming Club  AOCM Link at Games & Stuff in Glen Burnie, MD

for the battle of Moeckern 1813

<http://en.wikipedia .org/wiki/ Battle_of_ M%C3%B6ckern>,

from Bill Gray's Befreiungskrieg scenario book.

The store has started opening at 11 on Sundays. so people usually start showing up around then, setting up the game, and start ~12 or so.

This is a Wargaming game club located in Glen Burnie in central Maryland, between Baltimore and Washington. They meet every Sunday in the gaming area of a local store and at other times when convenient While mostly historical miniatures, all wargamers in the region are invited.

The club website is:

The Battle of Möckern was a series of heavy clashes between allied Prusso-Russian troops and Napoleonic French forces south of Möckern. It occurred on 5 April 1813. It ended in a French defeat and formed the successful prelude to the "Liberation War" against Napoleon (the German name for the German theatre of the War of the Sixth Coalition).

Mockern MAP

Mockern table

After Action Report: