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Cold Steel & Canister / Battle of Finland 1808 / Williamsburg Muster 2011 / 05/Feb/2011 AAR#4

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CS&C Rulebook

Each game pack is loaded with...
  • 10 exciting scenarios from the 1809 campaign!
  • French andAustrian player handbooks!
  • Full color easy to use charts & army reference tables!
  • Tournament and point game rules!
  • Most games can be completed in an hour!
  • Full color wooden game markers!
  • 70 page heavily illustrated color rulebook!
THE SEARCH IS OVER! Within these pages you will find a fast moving, highly playable Napoleonic miniatures game system. Break out your 6mm, 10mm, 15mm, or 28mm figures! CS&C can be used in conjuntion with ALL standard miniature scales and most basing methods.

CS&C is an order driven, battalion level system. Each stand of miniatures representing one company of actual soldiers. Each turn represents 20 minutes of time. Players secretly send orders to units using 6 sided order cubes, roll for initiative and then fight it out utilizing available action points. Most scenario?s can be completed in less than 1.5 hours!

CS&C uses a unique quadrant system to determine movement, range and command radius. The battlefields are subtly divided into grid squares, but retain the traditional flavor and visual effect of the standard miniature wargame. The CS&C system eliminates ambiguity from movement and facing while enforcing the linear reality of Napoleonic warfare.
  • 10 exciting scenarios from the 1809 campaign!
  • 4 pages of full color easy to use charts!
  • A mere 2ft x 4 ft of table space is required for 15mm scale!
  • French and Austrian player handbooks!
  • Full color 17 x 11 French&Austrian army guides!
  • Gamemarkers and Order cubes included!
  • Tournament and Point quick play rules! Full color game markers included.

Battle of Oravais 1808

The Battle of Oravais (Finnish: Oravaisten taistelu, Swedish: Slaget vid Oravais) is sometimes regarded as the turning point of the Finnish War: the last chance for Sweden to turn the war to her advantage. It was the bloodiest battle of the conflict, which some historians attribute to the exhaustion, resignation and desperation of the Swedish army: it was losing the war.


At the beginning of the war, Swedish forces had retreated to Oulu. They had then managed to repel the Russians and reach Savonia despite the capitulation of the fortress of Sveaborg by the end of summer 1808. Russia recuperated quickly, and by the end of August the Swedish army was again retreating northwards along the coastal road. To avoid being encircled, colonel Georg Carl von Döbeln was sent in advance to Nykarleby with a brigade. The threat of encirclement was exaggerated, but the Swedish army was at this point showing signs of panic and collapse. On September 13 the army left for Oravais and it halted to await news from von Döbeln, who was fighting the Russians at Jutas. The sound of a cannon was heard in Oravais, and a brigade was sent to reinforce von Döbeln.

The Russian main army had marched from Vasa in furious pursuit of the Swedish forces. The night before September 14 was spent in bivouacs along the road between Vörå and Oravais. The impulsive General-major Yakov Kulnev's troops had taken the lead and were the first to make contact with the Swedes.
Battle of Oravais
Part of Finnish War

Positions at the battle
Date14 September 1808
LocationThe village of OravaisFinland
ResultRussian victory
 Sweden Russia
Commanders and leaders
Carl Johan AdlercreutzNikolay Mikhailovich Kamensky
5,000 troops6,000-7,000 troops
Casualties and losses
1400 dead, 600 wounded740 dead, 200 wounded, around 100 prisoners

The Fate of Finland! The Battle of Oravais a pivotal engagement in the Russo

GM Name: Kevin French

Club or Affiliation: Decker Games

Short Description: September 14, 1808

Swedish war over control of Finland.

Long Description: CS&C is a unique set of Brigade level Napy rules using a grid system for fast play representing the linear warfare tactics of the day. Rules will be taught. Napy experience helpful but not required. Young gamers with an adult only please as we'll not have time to get deep into gaming/Napy concepts.

As Karl Adlercreutz or one of his Brigade commanders will you turn the tide of history and hold the Russian's at the river or inflict enough casualties to force a retreat? As Nikolai Kamenskij or one of his Brigade commanders will you deliver Finland for the Czar and carry the day? Shall history be repeated with a valiant Swedish counter attack that came within an hour of carrying the day? Will you direct Kamenskij's reinforcements and turn the tide against the exhausted Scandinavians?

Perhaps you'll just have a fun game replaying foes in a Napoleonic war and battle seldom seen on our gaming tables!

Number of Players: 5
Scale: 15mm
Ruleset: Cold Steel and Canister