Sunday, February 19, 2012

MARENGO 1800, REDUX Scenario 2, Conclusion!

Will the First Consul be successful?

When we last left off the Austrian were attempting to press forward along their entire front. While the French were managing to hold out and reinforce with some small surprises such as this cavalry unit on their Right flank!

Meanwhile BUA #2 keeps burning (Unable to be occupied).

And the Austrians tired of the bridge hold up go for broke!

The entire Austrian line emerges! Will it be enough?

The French line prepares to defend and counterattack!

The sneaky Austrians press the seams in the flank!

But the French remain confident in their abilities to resist.

The embattled Left Flank continues to hold out!

Even after the front line cavalry unit recoils!

The battle for supremacy heats up!

A French cavalry counterattack defeats the Austrians and sends them back across the stream.

Overall view of routed (Yellow Puffs) and defeated or embattled units (Red Puffs)!

The French cavalry charges the moving guns on the Right flank as well!

As the Austrian main attack continues!

The units at the seam start to take damage! (White Puffs)

Overall view of the Main objective and French charge board!

Overall view of the battle!

The French even though taking damage continue to hold!

The French Left shores up!

Overall view from the Left!

The Austrians last gasp attacks fail!

As they counter attack and form a mass battery!

Who ultimately will prevail in this test of wills?

The Austrians try again on the Main Objective!

View of the Center as Austrians assault!

French take aim as Austrians best troops still await the magical bridge!

Austrian units routing! (Yellow Puffs)

Overall view!

Our cavalry defeats the only Austrian artillery on their Left and heads back to the cornfield!

As the entire line comes to grips!

Carnage & Glory!

Overview of the Austrians desperate gamble!

And of the whole table!

At Rallying phase.

Some routed units survive from exiting the board! (Yellow to Red)

You can see how far the Austrians advanced in the Center!

But this matters not as the Main objectives are still held by the French.

Scene at Endex! Had there been a few more turns who knows?

The French Left and Main Objective (BUA #1) HOLDS!

Scene from the Left!

Austrian forces left!

The center is still contested!

As some Austrian charges are successful and others fail!

BUA #2 remains free from enemy hands also!

The ever important cornfield has been trampled!

And the FRENCH prepare to counter attack!

And as the FRENCH troops celebrate their VICTORY!

The future Emperor to be dreams of further glories to come!