Wednesday, February 8, 2012

MARENGO 1800, REDUX Scenario 2! Part 3

When we last left off the Austrians were continuing to press their attack!

Napoleon informing the hard pressed Consular Guard of the arrival of Desaix's division!

And with the arrival of fresh cavalry  reserves threaten our flank (Left)!

Their pioneers are also busily attempting to build a foot bridge to cross the stream.

They've also managed to set alight BUA #2. Will the French continue to hold out?

Some cavalry are moved to reinforce the Left flank!

While troops are moved up to support BUA #2 and the possible bridge crossing.

Overall view of the Austrians pressing the attack!

Our cavalry once again emerges from the cornfield!

As we attempt to stabilize the Right flank.

Some Austrian troops who attempted an assault on BUA #1 were pushed back (RED Puff).

As more move up to try again!

Our cavalry tries a rouse in the cornfield again!

As the troops in BUA #2 hold out by burning up! Hardcore or stupid?

A battle for a key flank erupts (Note Puffs).

And the Austrians make their move!

And our unit finally vacates BUA #2. Can we hold out is the question?

Our cavalry quickly supports the Left flank!

And the Austrian attempt fails!

A little reorganization on the Left.

The Austrians have no choice but to continue their assault along the entire line.

While we plan our counter attacks!

Overall scene of the Right flank.

With our cavalry sneaking up again!

As the Austrian Left flank desperately awaits reinforcements!

The pioneers inability to build a bridge ties up their best troops who were trying to avoid fatigue!

Thus MURPHY for the Austrians helps the French.

After beating back the Austrian cavalry charge we prepare for more by supporting our lines!

The Austrians slowly prepare for their all out assault.

And the threat to the flank stabilizes.

Overall view of Austrian forces awaiting a bridge!

The defeated Austrian cavalry attempts to recover while more move up. Attacking in road march column over a bridge is never good! (Note: RED Puff)

The Austrian Left starts to prepare to move!

And so does our cavalry!

View from the cornfields!

View of the flank stabilized!

As the Main Objective prepares for reinforcements in case it is lost!

Austrian artillery starts to come into play!

While the disorganized center continues to wait.

Will the Austrians, or French prevail! It's still all up in the air at this point.

As the Austrians try again!

Assaulting the Main Objective as well!

The bridgehead continues to fail. Good to see Murphy not only likes me. lol.

And so the center stalls out (The best troops wait).

And our cavalry comes out again!

As we prepare on our Left!

Here they come in the same old style! As some grenadiers cross over on the Right!

They decide to threaten the Center (flank) once again.

And go for BUA #2's weakened troops as well.

We wait to spring our cavalry at the right moment!

With the failure of both the cavalry and assault on the Main Objective more troops cross over!

Will the French Right hold?

Overall view of the action!

Tune in for the conclusion NEXT!