Tuesday, February 7, 2012

MARENGO 1800, REDUX Scenario 2! Part 2

On the night of the 13th, General de Corps Lannes encamped along the “New Road” three kilometers east of Marengo.  As they broke camp to resume their advance, they heard the cannon fires of O’Reilly’s attack.  With only part of his corps available, LTG Lannes marshaled his force of one Division (Watrin) and one Brigade (Mainoni) and set off toward the gun fire.  Passing through the cavalry screen established by General do Brigade Duvigneau, Lannes arrived on the battlefield at 1130am.  His arrival on Victor’s right flank came just in time to prevent the first attack by FML Kaim from flanking Victor’s right.  No sooner had Lannes arrived came a second and third Austrian attacks and the arrival of FML Ott’s advance guard led by GM Gottesheim at the Barbotta farm.  Both French Corps commanders were under heavy Austrian pressure from the center and both flanks.

Army von Melas  (Arrive Turn #5)
[501] Feldmarschall von Melas - Active B [1300 paces]
  Brigade Nobili (Arrive Turn #5)
  [517] Generalmajor Nobili - Active C+ [450 paces]
  [560] 1-3 Sqdn/Erzherzog Lt Drag          480      C    [sk]
  [561] 4-6 Sqdn/Erzherzog Lt Drag          432      C     
  [562] 1-3 Sqdn/Lichtenstein Lt Drag       526      C     
  [563] 4-6 Sqdn/Lichtenstein Lt Drag      528      C
  Division Kaim  (Arrive Turn #1)
  [509] Feldmarschall-Leutnant Kaim - Active B [950 paces]
    Brigade de Briey (Arrive Turn #1)
    [510] Generalmajor de Briey - Active C [400 paces]
  [530] 1/47th F. Kinski IR                 646      C     
  [531] 2/47th F. Kinski IR                 628      C     
  [532] 3/47th F. Kinski IR                 329      C     
  [533] Bn Gun #1 IR47                        48      C-     [2x3-lb]    
  [534] Bn Gun #2 IR47                        50      C-     [2x3-lb]    
    Brigade Knesvich (Arrive Turn #1)
    [511] Generalmajor Knesvich - Active C [400 paces]
  [535] 1/23rd Duke of Tuscany IR           728      C+    
  [536] 2/23rd Duke of Tuscany IR           724      C+    
  [537] 3/23rd Duke of Tuscany IR           729      C     
  [538] Bn Gun #1 IR23                        50      C-     [2x3-lb]   
  [539] Bn Gun #2 IR23                        49      C-     [2x3-lb]   
    Brigade la Marseille (Arrive Turn #3)
    [512] Generalmajor la Marseille - Active C+ [450 paces]
  [540] 1/63rd E. Josef IR                  410      C     
  [541] 2/63rd E. Josef IR                  408      C     
  [542] 3/63rd E. Josef IR                  402      C     
  [543] Bn Gun #1 IR63                        51      C-     [2x3-lb]   
  [544] Bn Gun #2 IR63                        48      C-     [2x3-lb]   
  Division Hadik (Deploy Before Turn #1)
  [505] Feldmarschall-Leutnant Hadik - Active C+ [875 paces]
    Brigade Bellegarde (Deploy Before Turn #1)
    [507] Generalmajor Bellegarde - Active C+ [450 paces]
  [518] 1/53rd Jellacic IR (Hun)            490*     C     
  [519] 2/53rd Jellacic IR (Hun)            493*     C    [sk]
  [520] 1/52rd E. Anton IR (Hun)            486*     C    [sk]
  [521] 2/52rd E. Anton IR (Hun)            401*     C     
  [522] Bn Gun #1 IR53                        44*     C-     [2x3-lb]    
  [523] Bn Gun #2 IR53                        46*     C-     [2x3-lb]    
  [524] Bn Gun #2 IR52                        49      C-     [2x3-lb] 
    Brigade Saint Julien (Deploy Before Turn #1)
    [508] Generalmajor Saint Julien - Active C+ [450 paces]
  [525] 1/11th M. Wallis IR                 675*    C     
  [526] 2/11th M. Wallis IR                 665*    C     
  [527] 3/11th M. Wallis IR                 688*    C     
  [528] Bn Gun #1 IR11                        46*    C-      [2x3-lb]    
  [529] Bn Gun #2 IR11                        44*    C-      [2x3-lb]
  Division Morzin  (Arrive Turn #5)
  [513] Generalleutnant Morzin - Active B [950 paces]
    Brigade Lattermann
    [514] Generalmajor Lattermann - Active B [450 paces]
  [545] Grenadier Bn Paar                   357       C+    [sk]
  [546] Grenadier Bn St Julien              580      C+    [sk]
  [547] Grenadier Bn Kleinmeyer             378    C+   [sk]
  [548] Grenadier Bn Weber                  393      C+   [sk]
  [549] Grenadier Bn Schiaffinati           408      C     [sk]
  [550] Lattermann Bde Guns                 102     C-   [4x3-lb]  
    Battalion Krapf  (Arrive Turn #4)
    [527] Major Krapf - Active B+ [250 paces]
  [606] 6th Pioneer Co                         60      C-   [sk]
  [607] 15th Sapper Co                        92      C+  [sk]

* Units with casualties (-2-6%) and fatigue (-10%) from previous scenario

When we last left off the Austrians were pressing forward on all fronts! The French plan was to hold the BUA's and to let the Austrians incur all fatigue by crossing the woods & river. Then we'd skirmish, full volley and keep falling back to defensive positions!

The Austrians press forward as we dress our lines!

The Austrian guns start to wear down! (White puff)

I'm thinking at this point to possibly counter attack across the bridge to press the Austrian rear!

A better view of the Austrian plan up to this point!

Wider view of overall action!

The Austrians prepare to attack the Silk Farm!

While we prepare to try and stop their assault!

Then more Austrian reinforcements arrive! Merde ='s Murphy!

The troops on our Right Flank also set BUA #2 on fire with their howitzers!

We prepare to stop them as their pioneers attempt to build a bridge!

More Austrian Bn guns arrive as well!

Overall view of our Right Flank! Will we hold?

Remember the cornfield we launch our surprise cavalry charge!

Catching the Austrians off guard!

We hope we can hold out as fire spreads and even more Austrians arrive!

View from Austrian positions!

As pioneers in Blue (Center) move towards the river!

We hope our guns and the Silk Farm will hold?

A counter attack force is placed in MARENGO in stead!

As French reinforcements arrive our lines fall back to prepare for the all out defense!

Hopefully this will be enough to hold on?

As our cavalry charge proves successful!

And some Austrian cavalry threatening our flank is defeated (Red Puff)!

The Austrians decide to go all in! Will they be successful????