Saturday, June 23, 2012

Playtest Lecco 1799!

Last week we play tested the HISTORICON 2012 scenario. 

F-478 Lecco Bridgehead
Napoleonic: 7 PM: Length: 5:
Hosted by: Tom Garnett:
Scale: 28mm: Rules: Carnage&GloryII – NAP: No. of Players: 6.

After the French defeat at Magnano, they began the long retreat to defensive positions along the Adda River, north of the Po. In the first of a series of Russo-Austrian cross-river attacks, the Russian forces established the first successful attack at Lecco, the mouth of Lake Como and the Adda on 26 April 1799.


A swift action by Prince Bagration commanding the Russian Advanced Guard. Against a numerically stronger enemy they were able to sieze, intact, an important bridge over the River Adda. Prince Bagration was wounded in the action.
Fought : 26 April 1799
Type : Land battle,
As part of : The French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars, French War of the Second Coalition
Location : A walled town in northwestern Italy on the river Adda about 30 miles north of Milan.
Outcome : A victory for Russian forces over French Forces
Figures # engaged total casualties %
French Forces
Russian forces

Consequences & other information:
After this battle General Moreau took over command of the French Army of Italy from the discredited General Schérer.

Initial layout with French pre-deployments!

A view from the Russian Left Wing at the Main Objective (Bridge)!

The village of Lecco with French occupation!

The MO heavily defended and fortified!

The French & their Piedmont allies hold the BUA of Lecco!

French reinforcements arriving on their Right flank!

Overall view of the French main lines & heavy batteries!


Nasty French heavy battery!

The Russian Right wing getting ready to enter via Lecco!

The Russian Left Wing advances with medium artillery (2 x batteries)!


The second Russian play tester shows up!

I wasn't sure what to do with all these Cossacks at first as they couldn't really cross the river and the terrain was somewhat limited so I decided to charge the French center with them!

Russian Jagers move to the Right of Lecco in order to keep the French possible reinforcements occupied (pest fire, lol). And to let the Grenadiers (better troops) bypass Lecco. Later I realized the Cossacks could do this as well so moved one unit back!

The Left flank forces quickly become the main advance and the Right flank forces reinforcements for the assault!

The Cossacks are all lined up and ready to go once the French lines are softened up!

Pesky French reinforcements arrive and start to deploy!


The Jager's start to pester the French troops in Lecco! As the grenadiers perform a beautiful pass in review for the French.

"Close up"

The French prepare to defend and take deadly aim!

The brave Russians advance to the guns!

Meanwhile in Lecco all is calm!

The Cossacks eye fresh French meat!

But after taking some canon fire (trying to keep French distracted from firing on the main advance) flee back across the bridge to assist!

The grenadiers start to deploy as reinforcements for the assault!

First objective complete on to the second!

A view from the French lines and Russian losses!

The Russian medium batteries get into the action as initial losses retire!