Saturday, June 23, 2012

Lecco 1799 Conclusion!

April 27, 2.00 PM.  

Rozenberg’s Grenadiers advanced against Lecco but were sent back by the Carabiniers of 18th Demi-brigade. The melée  was very bloody (Rozenberg’s battalion lost 150 men dead and 360 heavily wounded). The  French were the victors, however they began to have a shortage of ammunitions and withdrewinto the town walls. At 9.00 PM   a courier arrived bringing a message from Guillet. It was the news of the massive Austrian deployment along the Adda. Guillet said he had to withdraw to Como and left Soyez free to decide to do whatever he wanted. Soyez realized that his right flank was cut off from the Army center and ordered the retreat, in echelons, in order to save as many troops as possible.

At 11.00 PM only the 18th Légère remained to guard the Adda bridge, the others were already retreating towards Erba and Como. Before dawn the
Demi-brigade embarked on 28 boats and the bridge was destroyed by Soyez’s sappers. (The 18th Demi-brigade crossed Lake Como and continued its march towards Lugano in Switzerland without any losses in men, materials and guns). From Lugano, where they blocked a people uprising, the bemi-brigade went by  the way of Lake Maggiore.

Other boats were requisitioned and the French disembarked at Arona, on April 30. There Soyez had orders to reach Lavino, on the road to Novara and there he got the news, on May 1, of  Moreau’s defeat at Cassano.  S of April 26 The impatient Field Marshal, on April 26, had planned that, while Bagration   attacked Lecco, forcing the Adda passage, and sending a strong Avantguard to Como, General Vukassovich would gathered as many boats as he could   in order to pass the river at Brivio, during the oncoming night. Ott’s and Zoph’s Divisions, with a 3-days food reserve, had to reach San Gervasio and San Pietro to finda good position to install a pontoon, near Trezzo. The avant-guard had to direct itself north, from Trezzo to Vaprio and to join with Vukassovich. The main columns and the rear-guard had to go south towards Cassano. Melas, with the Fröhlich division, had to take contact with the French Cassano bridgehead or Pritorto entrenchments at Cascina Franca and attck them. Count Seckendorff had to move, on the evening of the 26th, towards Lodi attacking that bridge and trying to concentrate the French attention on that city while Prince Hohenzollern, after sunset, had to send patrols under Pizzighettone walls, reaching himself the meeting point of rivers Adda and Po. There he sent spies to spread the false news of the Austrian will to conquer Piacenza.  At dawn on April 27, he bombarded the Adda fords and the right Po River bank from Monticelli to San Nazzaro. Suvorov marched with the Austrian 2nd Colonum (Ott), masked by a very dark night in which the wind hampered  the sound of moving troops.   

The Cossacks return to assist the Right flank!

While the advance moves in from both flanks!

The French have plenty of targets! I'm hoping they'll go Right, lol.

And they do so slowing our advance!

The cossacks blood is up so they advance 150 paces to prepare to charge next turn!

And my reinforcements deploy to fire!

Meanwhile in Lecco persistent firing keeps up! Key the elevator music.

An overall view of the action!

The Russians walk softly but carry a Big stick!

Batteries exchange fire and casualties!

Russian losses are heavy!

As my second Cossack unit which is fresh charges in and is successful 123 casualties & a standard are taken. The French wisely just limbered and moved their guns back across the river!

The assault is pressed & create more casualties for the French.

Overall scene of the action from the Russian Right flank!

The French prepare to defend on the opposite side of the river! The Russians must occupy it as well in order to win the scenario!

A view of the action as close combats ensue!

The French troops remaining are badly mauled!

As French artillery takes deadly aim!

The French unit is utterly destroyed & disappears! HUZZAH!

But brave reinforcements rush in!

To meet a wall of lead!

One of the Jager units tired from firing moves off as the Cossacks cover Lecco troops from venturing out to help!

A view of the next turn as volley's  fire and he defending  French unit disappears in a Red mist!


More French reinforcements move up, but upon seeing the other units decision decide upon venturing across!

The Cossacks units flip flop!

And prepare for further action as the French unit disappears!

And a massive log jam is created!

The French wisely move into the adjacent BUA as the Russians try and sort things out (advance stalls)!

The French perspective!

The French in Lecco make a last ditch effort to stop the Russians!

But the Russian wave cannot be stopped! Who knew the Cossacks would come in so handy?

And so they go in again but are stopped!

As the Right flank regroups to face the new threat which is to late! The battle ends as a Major Russian victory as troops have actually made it across the river and the area becomes contested ground! First RUSSIAN victory ever so far!