Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Coming Soon, UNIFORMOLOGY 101!

I noticed that when I started this site I mentioned that one of my passions about this era was Uniformology, and though I consider myself a novice uniformologist (Gibernard) (a gibernard being a " uniformologue" to say one impassioned with military uniforms), I've been doing some research lately and have decided it's no good to keep all this information to myself. So, why not share it amongst the community.

We've had some discussions on the Yahoo group in the past on particular uniform issues, but have never quite broached how to attack this massive yet sometimes confusing subject? Especially when dealing with NAPOLEONIC'S. Since on this site I can only do so much due to it's physical limitations. Such as not post a massive amount of pictures. I've decided to use both the blog and the Yahoo group to they're respective full advantages. I look forward to your input! STAY TUNED....


PS: The LIGNY AAR is up next on the BLOG