Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Battle of Arcole 1796, (The Battle Continues) Part Trois!

Reinforcements continue tthe build up as Augereau himself shows up (Last figures & literally last, it figures)

And move into position continuing to support the main attack!

The Austrians after feeling pressure from our guns swing theirs to counter the main attack. I move my troops forward in order to harass them. Artillery on the dykes can only be deployed at intersections! (This is important!)

The Austrians start positioning their lines to counter the main attack. My units continue to harass when possible their center.

The units in Arcole hang on to their heavy cover positions and attempt to counter harass my troops (Massena) with their light 3lb guns.

A view of the overall developing situation from the French perspective. Looking good so far?

General Brian approves of his reinforcements.

The Austrians disapprove of our tactics to fully commit to battle until ready.

Finally on turn four I get some additional forces! Sadly the Howitzer will never even fire a round, as I have to get it out of the way for follow on troops and the range is not sufficient unless at closer range. It has been raining on and off limiting visibilty as well, sometimes only to two hundred yards.

Augereau's blood is up and he starts pressing the Main attack. Probably a little to soon, but we're on a limited time hack as well!

The Austrians react to my new forces and the main effort.

The "Prize" is still stable and I want to get to it as soon as possible. But Murphy's Law always has a way of showing up!

"Going In" the main battle lines prepare to clash and the leaders prepare to go "Man'O - a - Man'O".

Overall view! Probably we should have waited one more turn? My troops move up and exchange fire in line to support the Main attack.

The "Big Picture" my troops race towards the prize as the main battle lines develop!

Pressing on towards Arcole, "Huzzah!, En Avant, Vive L'Empereur"!

My second wave arrives turn 5 and deploys. Things are going according to plan? My troops are decimating the larger Croatian unit with fire. He can no longer move without a leader.

The Main attack is developing quite nicely so far.

On to the prize lads! Victory is near I can taste it!

And "Merde" Murphy has arrived! Stay tuned for the stunning conclusion....!