Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Stylish Blogger award!

  1. A thank you to the nominating blog and a link back to the same
  2. Share seven things about the nominated blog owner
  3. Nominate a heap more blogs that are also worthy of the award
  4. Let those nominated blog owners know of their nomination

1.) A thank you to those who nominated the site! (See #3.)

2.) To fulfill number 2. ...

1.)  I've been fascinated by the Napoleonic Era since the age of six (1970's)

2.)  The book that started it all for me was found in my elementary school library "The Battle of Waterloo" by American Heritage (1967)

3.)  The first book ever bought for me on the Napoleonic Era was "Waterloo" by Henri Lachouque (1972)

4.)  My favorite Christopher Plummer movie (I actually had a conversation with him about this one day!) was "Waterloo" (1970)

5.)  My first famous Napoleonic scholar friend "The Late Col. John Elting". I have a personally edited copy of "Swords around the Throne" which he'd update for me every time we met!

6.)  I'm a retired former "RANGER", "SPECIAL FORCES", Police officer.

7.)  I still enjoy 1980's alternative music;

3.) My Blog List