Saturday, December 4, 2010

Windmills & Don Quixote

For years now I've felt like Don Quixote! I'd been chasing 28mm Windmills for years. Well you can only imagine my surprise when I found not only one, but three. Now I can accurately portray not only Valmy, but Ligny as well!

All Three
Shingled roof
Thatched roof
I assumed that they were all the same with interchangeable roofs and ladders, but upon contacting "Grand Manner" I was informed that each is individually crafted for the specific locale mentioned. There are two for the European theatre (Shingled and thatched, and one Flemish).

Valmy rebuild

Blücher's Headquarters at Bussy Windmill
Napoleon's headquarters was set up at the Naveau Windmill, Fleurus