Monday, December 19, 2011

MARENGO 1800, REDUX Part Trois!

When last we left off "Napoleon Halts the Retreat at Marengo"!

“Well, what do you think?”
“This battle is completely lost, but there is time to win another”
– First Consul Bonaparte
and General Desaix
On 14 June 1800, the French army under Napoleon Bonaparte was taken by surprise and attacked by the Austrian army under General Melas. Outnumbered and outgunned, the French were defeated and forced to retreat. But later that same day, French reinforcements arrived under General Desaix, and in what amounted to a second battle the French counter-attacked and won, taking thousands of prisoners and driving the Austrians from the field.
Thus was won the battle of which Napoleon was always the most proud – Marengo.

The defenders of BUA #1 attempt to flee and save themselves after being massively overrun!

And BUA #2 catches fire! Things are not going so well for the French!

The enemy received reinforcements on turn 3 (3 Bdes and Arty) and presses forward en masse!

Austrian artillery bombards la Stortiglione!

Austrian Artillerymen!

BUA #2 catches fire and the occupants are forced to vacate in the face of the enemy! While the Artillery continues to hold out.

French Artillerymen!

Our reserves rapidly deploy to attempt to stem the Austrian tide as some continue to flee (White Puff) & others are badly mauled (Red puff)!

The Austrians attempt to break our lines but are fortunately stopped and sent back across the river (R)!

Hopefully we can stave of this mass as they rapidly move towards my position?

And since BUA #1 has now been cleared they decide to move on towards my positions!

And BUA #2!

Deployed French artillery at BUA #2 decide to flee area!

Our lines attempt to stabilize, stop the fire, and plug the gaps! Will it be to little to late?

I feel a little like the bottom right figure at this point in the game!

But our Left flank holds instead of collapsing!

As the masses move on!

Our units from BUA #1 rout (Yellow Puff)!

And our cavalry & artillery on the left flee we're slowly losing BUA #2 to the enemy (Red puff)!

BUA #2 holds out!

As my troops prepare to defend my position!

The enemy encircled BUA #2 and it's only a matter of time!

French Heavy Cavalry protect the river ford!

Hopefully our left won't collapse?

As we manage to hang on somehow! Actually by Rallying some but not all of the troops!

A view along the river bank tying my troops (Right flank) into the (Left)!

The enemy charges our position and falls into my deception plan. My smaller force (162) charges when actually it appears as my larger force to it's rear!

And are quickly beaten, but confuse everyone in the game! The troops were correct in the computer 150 troopers of the 9th Dragoons, but were placed wrong with two stands on the table. The larger force (unit 163) 15th Chasseurs actually is supposed to have 2 stands! 

This charge however wears down the enemy.

As my well placed artillery does massive amounts of damage through well placed shots and effective bounce through casualties! Behind tree (R) of Silk farm bldg.

Artillery a Cheval!

The enemy is stunned but defeats my initial cavalry charge!

Stay tuned for the conclusion!

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