Thursday, September 15, 2011

Art I.G. Plus! Miniatures of napoleonic wars (54mm) Handmade figures!

I saw a flyer for these amazing figures at The National Capital Model Society show and tucked it away. After finding it again I took a look at it and the website and although I do not collect 54mm figures I post this here for those who might. I've always been enamored by HISTOREX figures and thought they were the top of the line (Some great VERLINDEN Napoleonic Busts as well)! But after checking these out online I must say I'm impressed! And a bonus as well for NEW customers this month!

Our company enriches the current collection every week and we greatly appreciate any input on new ideas and new figures that we should produce.

We'd like to offer for our customers special monthly discounts. Our September's special offer will be 20% discount on the series of Roman Empire.

We'll be happy to expand your collection by our tin soldiers.

From their website; (Nice to see in English)

Our company is located in Riga, Latvia, and for more than 10 years we have specialized in producing high-quality historical and military miniatures. If your hobby is toy soldiers, their collecting, painting, or you're a fan of military and tactical games, you have come to the right address.

We offer a wide range of military miniatures from different historical epochs. Here you will find the figures relating to Napoleonic era, Antiquity, the Middle Ages, Modern Armies, and more.

Our sculptors work painstakingly over compliance with the most accurate representation of each item in our historical miniatures. When working on the next figure, they rely not only on their skill and experience, but also use many historical facts and documents, museum materials, and re-enactors' developments. Figures of toy soldiers which came from the hands of the sculptors have resemblance to specific historical characters such as Napoleon, his marshals, generals, etc. Each element of ammunition and uniforms of military miniatures is executed in strict accordance with the historical realities and can be dated to a specific year.

Among collectors of historical miniature tin figurines, one of the most popular figures are the colored toy soldiers of the Napoleonic wars - figures of Napoleon Bonaparte in different historical moments of his life, equestrian and hiking figures of soldiers and the marshals of Napoleon, tin soldiers of the Roman Empire and Knights.

A working team of talented artists paint the metal figures of soldiers, striving not only to observe the historical accuracy of colors in their work, but also to breathe new life into the eyes of the tin soldiers.

Upon request of collectors, our artists can also paint tin and lead figures from other manufacturers. A nice touch! Hmmm I wonder about other scales???

In addition to the painted figures, collectors can buy unpainted pewter miniatures from us on a 1 / 32 (54 mm) scale and try their hand in the difficult but fascinating experience of painting tin soldiers' figures of various historical eras. Our kits for assembly and painting cast in "white metal" in the modern molding equipment. In stock in our online store you will always find a wide range of figures and military historical miniatures of various historical epochs - the representatives of Antiquity, the Middle Ages, Napoleonic, the American Civil War, World War I and II, Modern Armies, and more.

In our manufacturing process, we use the latest Hi-Tech equipment and modern computer technologies to produce high-class tin soldiers, and continuously expand the range of historical miniatures. Thanks to the quality of our products we have become known around the world - in Russia, Europe, America and Australia.

We will be glad if you join the club of our clients on Facebook and Twitter, where you can also find our latest news and updates in our product range, and socialize with friends.

At the request of our customers we create the historical dioramas and produce various gift items, such as figurines, pins, pendants, medals - out of metal and plastic, using various types of electroplating if necessary.

Please send your requests and we will be happy to answer all your questions. Our contact information:
Fax: +371 67166369
Phone: +371 20371171   


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  1. Thanks for this great info on Art I. G., I bought some of their figures from the Napoleon era earlier this year:

    They turned out to be great quality, and fitted in really well with my other 54 mm pieces. I especially liked the detailing, it was almost as if looking at the real deal.