Monday, March 28, 2011

Bassano 1796, AAR #5

Here's the latest pictures & update from the Bassano game. Enjoy!

A close up of my main objective

A closer view of the unsuccessful cavalry charge

The cavalry retreats, but they delayed just long enough

The Infantry then goes in. Notice the first set of hedgerows were sucessfully removed by the engineers

A closer view with Horse Artillery support

The Austrians prepare defensive positions around Bassano
A view of the Austrian BUA in the center being bypassed by the Left Flank and assaulted as well

The Infantry assault is successful as hedgerows disappear

The enemy adds in more troops
My troops across the river are charged and form square

The Left Flank finally breaks through and is on to Bassano

The BUA in the center is attacked vigorously

A flank attack is conducted on the BUA as well

More hedgerows are destroyed along with enemy units

The Austrians move back and regroup

The BUA is starting to fall
The Center holds as the Left Flank advances "En Avant"!

The most innovative Napoleonic game I’ve ever seen!

St. Lucia 1807

A Battle Report by Joe Dever

This is a fictitious Napoleonic action between British and French forces, set on the Caribbean island of St. Lucia in the year 1807.

035: Castries – viewed from the east. The French fleet is less than two miles distant.

I’ve got to say,  this recent posting on the Wargames Society forum depicts one of the nicest innovative Napoleonic games I’ve ever seen!  You can see the many photos of this fascinating game that Joe Dever has posted here:

This game epitomizes how some prefer to see Napoleonic wargaming: small actions; lots of color; fantasy and fun; beautiful and exotic scenery; a storyline; silly names; odd little units; plenty of goings on, and the merging of both land-based and sea-going action.

Some gamers preferences are different from what many (maybe most) other Napoleonic fans prefer, who tend to go for larger, more realistic and tidier games. But, as they say, vive la différence!

Anyway, congratulations to Joe Dever and his mates for posting these pictures of their inspiring game onto the Wargames Society forum.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Bassano 1796, AAR #4

Austrian artillery comes up in support as more Austrians try to reinforce & hold Bassano

Some Austrians move into Bassano others come up to reinforce the Left Flank forces

Close up!

My forces and reinforcements press the attack. The Master plan is to take out the vineyards to allow a flank attack on Bassano

The Cavalry charges the guns, as units enter the woods to flush out the Jagers and cross the river to support the Left Flank and threaten Austrian reinforcements!
My forces successfully cross the river and reinforcements start to threaten the Austrian Center built up area (BUA).

Close up of the river action!

The Austrian Center reinforcements get nervous and react

The cavalry goes in and fails, but distracts the Austrians long enough for engineers to start clearing vines

The Austrian Left gets nervous after the cavalry charge and reacts with light infantry & cavalry

Close up!
The Austrian infantry retreats while the cavalry comes out of Bassano
The French Left Flank engages and sucessfully bypasses the BUA in the Center

Bassano 1796, AAR #3

The initial French move (My forces on the Right Flank bypass the Austrian center)

The mighty General Brian overlooks the first French assault (Left Flank)

The Austrians use the vineyards as defensive cover (You bastards!)

Additional Austrian forces head to the built up areas

Sneaky Austrian Jagers cover the woods while Artillery sights down the main road also

My forces make initial contact with the enemy

My forces advance down the shallow river bed (Sneaky Bastards as well)

My reinforcements move up to press the Austrian Center and Right Flank

The French and Austrian Center exchange blows as the French far Left Flank enjoys the mountainous terrain

The Austrians try to sneak reinforcements to their Center built up area along with Cavalry support

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Bassano 1796, AAR #2

Date8 September 1796
LocationBassano, Venetia, present-day Italy
ResultFrench victory

France First French RepublicHabsburg Monarchy Habsburg Austria
Commanders and leaders
Napoleon BonaparteDagobert von Wurmser
Casualties and losses
400 killed, wounded or missing600 killed or wounded,
2,000-4,000 captured,
30 cannons, 8 standards,
200 vehicles

    The church of San Giovanni on the outskirts of Bassano, Bonaparte's headquarters during the battle.
    The participants look over the scenario & terrain (Initial deployments)
     (Initial deployments) The Austrians rear (Units were supposed to exit here)
    Note the Town (L) & stronghold to the (R) initially held by the Austrians
    The GM (Tom G) and the French consult prior to action
    A view from the French perspective (More troops but less maneuver room)
    The GM walks softly, but carries a big stick (Points out the critical vineyards)
    The Austrian Left Flank forces (My enemy)!
    The Austrians devise their planned defensive strategy
    The French listen and prepare their offensive strategy (Note the river running directly down the center of the board)