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MARENGO 1800, REDUX Scenario 2!

Scenario #2

Marengo Falls: Second and Third Austrian Attacks – (11:30am-2:30pm)

By 11:30am, the initial attack by Field Marshal Hadik was repelled.  Immediately behind Hadik’s Division was the three-regiment Division of Field Marshal Kaim.  Adding his regimental guns to those of Hadik, the Austrians had nearly 30-light guns available to bombard the French.   The massed guns commenced an even greater bombardment of the Silk Farm and the French positions along the Fontanone.  Led by IR47, the Austrians made little headway against the farm but a small detachment gained control of the Barbotta Farm.  Austrian general officer casualties grew as both FML Hadik and GM Bellegarde were wounded.  The fighting along the creek was severe as numerous Austrian infantry penetrations along the creek were repulsed by French counterattacks.  By 12:30am, FML Kaim pulled back to reorganize his two attacking regiments and artillery pieces.  He then organized a third attack with the reorganized brigade of Bellegarde and behind them, the grenadiers of Latterman’s Brigade.  On the Austrian left flank, the Left Column of Field Marshal Ott just started to arrive at Castel Ceriolo.  The Advance Guard of Major General Gottesheim, with the cavalry elements of Fremont’s Brigade, cleared the village of French pickets and proceeded to advance on Lannes’ flank.   

Chief of Staff Berthier (Arrive Turn #1)
    [102] General de Division Berthier - Active A- [875 paces]
Corps Victor (Deploy Before Turn #1)
[108] General de Corps Victor - Active B+ [1400 paces]
    Brigade Rivaud (Deploy Before Turn #1)
    [111] General de Brigade Rivaud - Active A- [550 paces]
  [115] 4/5em Art a cheval  138*     C+    [4x6-lb. 2xHow]
  [119] 1/43em Demi-Brigade                 615*     C+   [sk]
  [120] 2/43em Demi-Brigade                 641*     C+   [sk]
  [121] 3/43em Demi-Brigade                 638*     C     [sk]
  [122] 1/96em Demi-Brigade                 657      C+    [sk]
  [123] 2/96em Demi-Brigade                 654      C+    [sk]
  [124] 3/96em Demi-Brigade                 651      C      [sk]
    Brigade Champeau (Deploy Before Turn #1)
    [124] General de Brigade Champeau - Active C [350 paces]
  [162] 9em Dragoons                              150      C+    
  [163] 15em Chasseurs a Cheval             249      C+   [sk]
    Brigade Herbin (Deploy Before Turn #1)
    [110] General de Brigade Herbin - Active B+ [500 paces]
  [116] 1/24em Legere Demi-Brigade          599*     B      [sk]
  [117] 2/24em Legere Demi-Brigade          594*     B      [sk]
  [118] 3/24em Legere Demi-Brigade          625*     C+   [sk]
Corps Lannes (Arrive Turn #1)
[103] General de Corps Lannes - Active A [1500 paces]
  [101] 5em Dragoons                  242      C     
  [102] 2em Btty/2em Art a cheval           154      C+   [4x4-lb, 2xHow]  
    Brigade Mainoni (Arrive Turn #4)
    [104] General de Brigade Mainoni - Active B [500 paces]
  [103] 1/28em Demi-Brigade                 421      C+   [sk]
  [104] 2/28em Demi-Brigade                 412      C+   [sk]
  [105] 3/28em Demi-Brigade                 416      C    [sk]
  Division Watrin (Arrive Turn #1)
  [105] General de Division Watrin - Active B+ [950 paces]
    Brigade Mahler (Arrive Turn #1)
    [106] General de Brigade Mahler - Active B [450 paces]
  [106] 1/22em Demi-Brigade                 542      C+   [sk]
  [107] 2/22em Demi-Brigade                 543      C+   [sk]
  [108] 3/22em Demi-Brigade                 537      C    [sk]
  [109] 1/40em Demi-Brigade                 661      C+   [sk]
  [110] 2/40em Demi-Brigade                 655      C+   [sk]
  [111] 3/40em Demi-Brigade                 667      C    [sk]
    Brigade Gency (Arrive Turn #4)
    [107] General de Brigade Gency - Active B [450 paces]
  [112] 1/6 Legere Demi-Brigade             455      C+   [sk]
  [113] 2/6 Legere Demi-Brigade             459      C+   [sk]
  [114] 3/6 Legere Demi-Brigade             453      C   [sk]
    Brigade Duvigneau (Arrive Turn #2)
    [122] General de Brigade Duvigneau - Active B+ [500 paces]
  [156] 8em Dragoons                        443      C+    
  [157] 6em Dragoons                        393      C+    
  [158] 12em Chasseurs a Cheval             392      C+   [sk]

* Units with casualties (-2-6%) and fatigue (-10%) from previous scenario

7143 Infantry, 1769 Cavalry, 298 Artillerist, 12 Cannon,
14,310 Total
17 Standards present
Victory Objective & Special Conditions
Austrian Victory Objectives: Minor victory - capture the Marengo Silk farm and reduce the French by 20%. Significant victory – capture both the Marengo Silk and Barbotta farms and reduce the French by 20%.
French Victory Objectives: Minor victory - Retain control of the Marengo Silk farm and reduce the Austrian  by 25%. Significant victory – Retain both the Marengo Silk and Barbotta farms and reduce the Austrian by 25%.
Scenario Duration: Twelve Turns
Weather: clear visibility, warm temperatures
Fantanone Stream: Linear Obstacle: 25-paces wide and cannot be crossed by artillery or cavalry except at a bridge or ford. Infantry may cross with a minus 250-pace penalty.  The woods along the stream provide light cover.  Hedges lining both streams and fields provide light cover and a linear obstacle (150p Inf/200p Cav)
The two farms are stone constructions.  The Barbotta farm can be occupied with up to two Infantry/Engineer bases, while the Marengo Silk Farm can be occupied with up to three Infantry/Engineer bases.
The light woods and vineyards are disruptive terrain for movement.  No unit movement in the marsh area.
Both French and Austrian units can employ skirmishers.  All French infantry and only Austrian Grenzer/Jaegers may deploy in open order.
Austrian battalion guns must remain within 300 paces of at lease one battalion from the regiment unless broken and/routed by fatigue or combat.
Austrian infantry doctrine specified line combat formation to achieve effective volley fire before charging.  Therefore, Austrian infantry units  must deploy into line formation within 300 paces of any French unit.
French infantry doctrine permitted both line and column formations for combat actions.

Main layout! (Formally you may notice). We do things right, lol.

If you remember from last scenario (Silk Farm / French Right flank)? This layout is to the Right of that. The troops previous combat losses carried over. These troops are not deployed yet.

Note the cornfield as this will be of importance during the game. (Hidden movement!)

The Austrians main axis of advance!

The Main objective is the Silk Farm (Part of the MARENGO Village).

Secondary Austrian objective Barbotta Farm! Note: Swamp & waterway obstacles to its rear.

The main forces deployed turn 1 as Austrian forces move towards the woods and the MO!

Additional French forces arrive (Closer view). Remember the cornfield!

After allowing the Austrian forces to move first. We decide to charge their guns straight off!

While our 4 x 6lb guns, 2 x Howitzer battery pummels them. 

The initial cavalry charge is successful!

View from opposite side (French Right Lank)!

The charge is victorious and the battery is destroyed (Routed from the field) HUZZAH!

Having now stirred the Austrian Hornets nest! They come on in anger in turn 2. We're not afraid in our BUA!

Our troops accomplished their objective but took some damage.

As the Austrians try to outflank us?

Run away! Live to fight another day!

Our forces move up to secure our flank (Right)! And to try and stem the Austrian Horde! We attempt to take the second BUA as well?

Our hope is to incur maximum fatigue on the Austrians, forcing them to cross woods & stream.

Closer view of the heaviest fighting!

And our attempt to stop them. "Come into my parlor said the spider to the fly"!

As our forces secure the second BUA !

Austrian forces move in!

Overall view of the battle at this point!

View from the opposite end!

TO BE CONTINUED............

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Coming Soon!

I'll be play testing a second scenario of CG&II "MARENGO" along with attending both "The Williamsburg Muster" and "COLD WARS" where we'll re-fight BORODINO SEE LINKS;

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Nice Weekend game!

Had a nice weekend 15mm game of C&GII this past weekend with none other than Keith Rocco and some great fellow wargamers! And finally WON!