Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Winds of Empire: Napoleonic Scenario Book I Just Released!

Winds Of Empire: Corps Command Scenario Book I — Complete Scenarios for use with Corps Command or any other divisional/brigade-level Napoleonic rules.

Battles Include:

Russian Campaign—Valutina Gora 1812
Spanish Campaign—Valls 1809
Spanish Campaign—Medina Rio Seco 1808
Vendean Revolt—Saumur 1793
Austrian Campaign—Dance on the Danube Mini-Campaign 1809
Italian Campaign—Novi 1799

Can be used with any scale, and no rebasing needed. Command at the divisional level, with smallest unit a battalion.

Corps Command, now in its 3rd Edition, enables the player to command brigades and divisions around the Napoleonic world. With the smallest formation being a battalion for infantry of twelve figures, it allows for large battles to be fought within three to four hours, and have a decision without sacrificing the feel of playing the period.

Visit the CORPSCOMMAND Yahoo! Group for details, free fast-play charts, scenarios, and free PC-based army builder software.

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Also available is Corps Command: Campaigns: Napoleonic Miniatures Campaign System