Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Montenotte Redux!

The Great Battle reappraised! We had so much fun the first time we decided to give it another go! I'll forgo all of the Historical info this time and just post the battle pics.

Lessons learned from Game II;

After participating in three games, I think the best Austrian defense is in a tighter semi-circle behind the two choke points, deploying the Artillery forward in long range fire to attrite / fatigue the French approach and a withdrawal before they close into charge range. This can help protect the Austrian flanks from encirclement. I also can add another two companies to the Grenzers to add to the Austrian strength in an historic nod to the real terrain difficulty the troubled both participants. However, the historic situation is what it is and the Austrians must seek every advantage they can gain in the simulation.

Here is the C&G II outcome:
Major victory for the Army of Italy

The Army of Italy has suffered losses of:
[ 3%] 329 men of all arms
[ 3%] 329 dead and wounded
[ 3%] 324 bayonets
[ 4%] 5 sabres
[ 0%] 0 artillerists
Honors: [ 130] 1em/99 DB Ligne

The Army of Lombardy has suffered losses of:
[ 45%] 1980 men of all arms
[ 13%] 579 dead and wounded
[ 14%] 615 missing
[ 18%] 786 prisoners
[ 43%] 1767 bayonets
[ 73%] 213 artillerists
8 cannon[s] lost
Honors: [ 511] 2 Cos/Freiwilligers Grenz

Here's historically what happened so the game wasn't to far off. Except I was the Austrians this time. So I lost this battle twice.


The Austrians attempted to remove the over extended French from the coastal strip around the Gulf of Genoa. Poor coordination, and stubborn French resistance gave time for the French to launch a counter offensive which, if only a little more coordinated [night march took longer than planned]would have destroyed the whole of the opposing forces. General Bonaparte commanding the French force began to clear the way for the French advance into northern Italy.

Fought :11 April 1796 - 12 April 1796
type :Land battle,
As part of :The French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars,French Revolutionary WarNapoleon's Italian Campaign
Location :A village in northwestern Italy about 12 miles due northwest of Savona on the Gulf of Genoa.
Outcome :A victory for French Forces over Coalition Forces [ Austrians]
Figures# engagedtotal casualties%
French Forces
Coalition Forces [ Austrians]

I also stumbled upon this Italian wargaming groups page which may be of interest? They have some OOB information and pics as well;